Web Dealer Policy

Over the years, we at Velocity Pro Sport Ltd, together with our authorized dealers throughout the country, have made a tremendous investment of our time and money in developing our name recognition, our fit, our quality and our goodwill. To best maintain this hard-earned standard of excellence, we have made a business decision as part of our overall marketing and business strategy to reserve Internet sales for Velocity. In doing so, Velocity believes it is best able to maintain the consistency and quality of Velocity's marketing efforts.

Centralizing Internet sales also helps us best support our dealer network. A prerequisite for becoming an Velocity dealer has always been that you must have a pro-shop within an athletic facility, or a free-standing retail store with an appropriate commercial business address, unless Velocity expressly waives this requirement, which has only been in the most limited of circumstances. Unfortunately, we recognized that some of our dealers were reaping the benefits of a dealership without commensurate effort or investment, through sales that were not out of pro-shops or retail stores, but rather over the Internet, catalogues, and similar means.

To address the problem of dealers unfairly taking advantage of the investment of other dealers, the following methods of soliciting sales for Velocity products are prohibited, and may result in termination as an authorized Velocity Dealer and/or other measures if appropriate. This includes sales or advertising over the Internet, in any catalogue not produced or approved by Velocity, by email or via any distributed print media. These rights are expressly reserved for Velocity Sportswear unless we receive an unusual request for an exception in writing and the request is granted by express written permission from an authorized representative of Velocity Pro Sport Ltd If a non-Internet advertisement is strictly for a local promotion, no request is necessary. The products that are excluded from this restriction are undergarments.

Without this measure, we believe that these Internet/catalog dealers would eventually drive our network of pro-shop and store dealers out of business, along with their important functions of customer support, including physical product displays, and helping customers select and fit the right product. In other words, it is not fair that customers would come into a pro-shop or specialty store, view our products on their displays, seek the advice of the store person, try the product on, and then go home to their personal computer, or mail order catalogue, and order from someone who has not provided those services. We feel as a business matter that this decision, while difficult, safeguards the standard of excellence that Velocity has worked hard to achieve over the last 25 years, for its own benefit, and the benefit of dealers working towards the same objective.

Also, please note that any use of the Velocity logo in any form is prohibited unless approved in writing in advance by Velocity.

Velocity also recognizes that, while its dealer network is strong, there are still customers who do not have access to our products because they live too far away from stores and pro-shops that carry Velocity products. Our website was developed to address that need. Reserving internet and catalogue sales to Velocity also allows Velocity to assure uniform quality of representation of Velocity products. Customers can order from Velocity's website, which offers current merchandise at Velocity's suggested retail prices.



While Dealers are permitted to sell anywhere in the United States, international sales are uniquely positioned. To best promote consistency of international representation, quality of products and their fit, and administrative efficiencies in shipping and paperwork, Velocity has appointed “International Distributors” to represent Velocity products internationally. Those International Distributors are responsible for selling Velocity products in specific territories. Dealers are strictly prohibited from shipping Velocity merchandise to any territory covered by one of our international distributors. Dealers are also prohibited from knowingly selling Velocity merchandise to anyone who will, in turn, sell that merchandise to someone in a distributor's territory. A complete list of Velocity international distributors and their associated territories may be found on the Velocity website at www.gymnasticsleotards.co.uk.


For those international sales that are permitted, shipping Velocity merchandise in such a manner as to attempt to avoid the payment of international duty, GST tax, or other legal charges is strictly prohibited by law and will not be tolerated.


A violation of any aspect of our policy regarding sales and shipments outside of the dealer’s territory will result in immediate action by Velocity Pro Sport Ltd which may include an immediate suspension or termination of your Velocity dealership.

Please do not hesitate to contact our web policy administrator with questions for clarification: sales@gymnasticsleotards.co.uk