White Metallic Headless Full Body Suit

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This White Metallic Stretchy Suit has been carefully developed as  a full body, all in one, spandex suit made from a unique blend of 78% premium polyester, 12% high grade spandex. Our mix allows the wearer to see, breathe, and even drink through this suit! 

Not one but two heavy duty double full-length rear entry zippers are sewn in to every one of our suits, one for the head and one for the lower back. 

Two zippers serves two purposes; first it guarantees the suit to be even stronger, second it also allows the wearer to tuck the headpiece under the chest and wear headless if preferred whilst having the lower back zip remain zipped up.

Looking for another colour or style? We have a larger range than some of our biggest competitors; we currently have over 100 different styles to choose from. 

Disclaimer: Please note that Stretchy Suits is its own brand and is in no way affiliated with Morph Suit / Morphsuit.